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Symposium Topics

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Water binding, transport and function in powders and solids

Jennifer BURGAINCasein powder rehydration decrease during storage is linked to a stiffer particle surface
Loredana MALAFRONTEDrying kinetics, coalescence and agglomeration of dairy product particles during spray drying
Sophie SMAINExperimental study of sucrose caking

Water binding, transport and function in soft material and biological systems

Adrien LERBRETProtein-matrix interactions in trehalose/glycerol mixtures at low water contents


Water transport across phase boundaries


Water in structure engineering

Justine GUERINProbiotic encapsulation by spray drying: Production of particles with new functionality by controlling the milk clotting reaction
Alejandro MARANGONIHydrophillic hard microspheres used to modulate water binding, food texture and stability
Franz TANNERSimulation and analysis of the breakup behavior of a water drop in air flows

Measuring techniques and modeling of water in complex structure

Yang KOUWater mobility measurement and its application in product development


Invited Plenary Speakers

Prof. T. Labuza (University of Minnesota)50 years of Water in Food Research 
Prof. S. Palzer (Nestlé)Role of Water in Food Engineering
Prof. L. Taylor (Purdue University)Role of Water in Pharma Applications

Invited Keynote Speakers

Prof. B. Bhandhari (U. of Queensland) Prof. A. Marangoni (U. of Guelph)       
Prof. N. Gontard (INRA Montpellier)Dr. V. Meunier (Nestle Research Center)
Prof. A. Hedoux (U. of Lille 1)Prof. J. Rantanen (U. of Copenhagen)
Prof. A. Larsson (Chalmers University)Dr. H. Simonin (Agrosup Dijon)
Prof. F. Lequeux (ESPCI ParisTech)Prof. E. Windhab (ETH Zurich)
Prof. Y. Livney (TECHNION Israel)